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Kedarnath Dham

Amidst the dramatic mountainscapes of the majestic Kedarnath range stands one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Kedar or Lord Shiva. The shrine of Kedarnath is amongst the holiest pilgrimages for the Hindus. There are more than 200 shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva in the district itself, the most important one is Kedarnath. Kedarnath and the four above mentioned shrines are treated as Panch Kedar.

Badrinath Dham

Badrinath is one of the most revered Hindu shrines of India. On the right bank of Alaknanda lies the sacred spot perched at an altitude of 3,133 meters above the sea level. Badrinath is situated in the lap of Nar-Narayan Parvat, with the towering Neelkanth peak (6,597mts.) in the background. The temple opens every year in the month of April-May & closes for winters in the third week of November.


Along the right bank of Bhagirathi stands the shrine of Gangotri dedicated to the Goddess. Perched at a height of 3048 mts., it was constructed in the early 18th century by a Gorkha Commander, Amar Singh Thapa. Every year, lakhs of pilgrims throng the sacred temple between May and October. By November, Gangotri is covered by snow. It is believed that the Goddess retreats to Mukhba, her winter abode (12 kms...


The Shrine of Yamunotri, source of river Yamuna is situated in the direction opposite to Gangotri , can also be visited via Mussoorie and Barkot. Situated at an elevation of 3235 metres above sea-level, the shrine of Yamunotri is one of the ‘four dhams’ of Uttarakhand. The source of Yamuna lies about 1 km. ahead at the altitude of about 4421 metres. There are hot springs close to the temple, a bath in them is very refreshing

  Panch Badri & Panch Kedar
  Duration: 15 Nights / 16 Days
  Destination: Delhi-Rishikesh

  Panch Kedar
  Duration: 16 Nights / 17 Days
   Delhi-Rishikesh -

  Panch Peryag
  Duration: 09 Nights / 10 Days
  Destination: Delhi - Haridwar -

  Panch Bdri
  Duration: 09 Nights / 10 Days
  Destination: Delhi - Haridwar -
  Badrinath Tour Package
  Duration: 05 Nights / 06 Days
  Destination: Delhi - Haridwar

  Gangotri Tour Package
  Duration: 04 Nights / 05 Days
  Destination: Delhi - Haridwar -
  Yamonotri – Gangotri
  Duration: 06 Nights / 07 Days
  Delhi To Delhi..

  Kedarnath – Badrinath
  Duration: 06 Nights / 07 Days
  Delhi To Delhi
  Chardham Yatra Tour
  Duration: 09 Nights / 10 Days
  Haridwar To Haridwar..

  Chardham Tour Package
  Duration: 10 Nights / 11 Days
  Haridwar To Haridwar


Name of Tour : Panch Paryag Yatra Tour Package
Duration : 09 Nights / 10 Days


It is famous for the confluence of two holy rivers, the Bhagirathi rushing down from Gaumukh and Alaknanda from Alkapuri glacier. The two rivers meet here to form the holy river Ganga. For most Indians, this confluence is no less holier than the sangam at Allahabad. It is believed that lord Rama came here for penance after having killed Ravana. The temple of Raghunath, houses a tall image of Lord Rama made of black granite. The Ram Temple is known as Raghunath temple. Srinagar, the earlier capital of Tehri Garhwal is at a distance of 33 km. It is the first Paryag (confluence) on way to Badrinath


Lord Shiva performed his famous Tandav Nritya and played his Rudra-Veena here. With his Raga-Raganees he compelled Lord Vishnu to appear in front of him and with music of his veena, he turned Lord Vishnu to water. Named after Lord Shiva (Rudra), Rudraprayag is situated at the holy confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakani rivers. The entire region is blessed with immense natural beauty and places of religious importance. Pawan Hans helicopter operates a daily flight to Kedarnath and to Agastya Muni which is about 14 km from here


It is on the way to Badrinath, on the confluence of two holy rivers Alaknanda and Pindar. It is said that Karna of Mahabharata meditated here for many years to acquire the impregnable shield, which made him a formidable warrior in the battlefield. Swami Vivekananda meditated here for eighteen days with his Guru Bhai, Guru Turianand ji and Akharanand ji. It is the sub-divisional head-quarter of district Chamoli. Roads from here go to Almora, Nainital and Jim Corbet National Park


21 km from Karnaprayag, on the main route to Badrinath, where the Alaknanda and Mandakani rivers meet, is a destination which has become a major tourist halting point. Named Nandaprayag, it honours the pious and truthful King Nanda, who had performed a 'Yagya' and given donations to the brahmins to win the love and blessings of God. The famous Gopalji temple is also situated here.


Twelve kilometres from Joshimath, is Vishnuprayag, situated on the confluence of Alaknanda and Dhauli Ganga rivers. In mythology, this is the place where the divine Narad had meditated and received the blessings of Lord Vishnu. The Kagbhusandi lake, a small lake of glittering emerald green is a soothing sight for sore city eyes. In the season, myriad blossoms decorate its banks and the wild profusion of colours renders this as a very photogenic place

Day 01 Delhi - Haridwar (220 Kms / 6 Hrs)

In the early morning after breakfast drive to Haridwar lunch on th way and continue drive to haridwar chick in to hotel over night stay at haridwar.

Day 02 Haridwar - Devprayag (100 Kms / 5 Hrs)

Morning after breakfast drive to Devprayag chick in to hotel and lunch after lunch sightseeing at Devprayag and dinner over night stay at Devprayag.

Deoprayag is regarded as the most entire showcase of legends, tradition and society. 70 km from Rishikesh , here the Bhagirathi from Gaumukh and the Alaknanda from Satopanth join and for most Indians, this meeting is no less holy than the Sangam at Allahabad. These 3 rivers flowing royally through sculptured channels carved through the rocks have carved angular blocks of land around the confluence and the city is set into these 3 angles. To be found at a height of only 618 m, Deoprayag is an invocation to the gods who have kindly endowed this spot with remarkable natural beauty. It is believed that Lord Rama and his father King Dashratha did penance here. The temple of Raghunathji houses a tall picture of Lord Rama made of black granite. The most celebrated event at Deoprayag is the congregation of devotees, who come here to worship at Raghunath temple.

Day 03 Devprayag – Rudraprayag (66 Kms / 4 Hrs)

In the early morning after breakfast drive to Rudrapryag chick in to hotel and lunch sightseeing tour in Rudraprayag and dinner over night stay at Rudrapryag.

Rudraprayag is the joining point of Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers. The place get its name from Lord Shiva, also known as Rudra. Hindus trust that the sage Narad worshipped Lord Shiva here to be blessed with the mastery of music mysteries. Rudraprayag also commemorates the event when Sati, consort of Lord Shiva, took rebirth after her self immolation. The shrine of Kedarnath is at 84 km from Rudraprayag while Badrinath shrine is at 159 km from here.

Day 04 Rudrapryaj – Karanprayag (33 Kms / 3 hrs)

Morning after breakfast drive to Karanprayag chick in to hotel and lunch after lunch sightseeing at Karanprayag and Dinner over night stay at Karanprayag.

The icy flow from the Pindari glaciar becomes the Pindari river, and when it joins the Alaknanda at 788 mts, the confluence is recognized as Karnaprayag. The wooded thickets of the hills surrounding Karnaprayag were the meeting ground for Shakuntala and Dhyanta, immortalised in Kalidasa's immortal classic of the same name and a preferred ballad ever since, There is a temple dedicated to Karna here, the son of queen Kunti and her fiery lover, Lord Surya. Karna's lineage was kept a secret, but he practiced austerities before his father and was granted the boon of a pair of earrings and armour that made him invincible, finally, he fell in the bettle the Pandavas and Kauravas, but he remin a tragic hero for in life he never had the legitimacy he desired. Other temple at the confluence are dedicated to Narayan, Gopal, Shiva and Uma.

Day 05 Karanprayag – Nandprayag (35 Kms / 3 Hrs)

Morning after breakfast drive to nand prayag chick in to hotel and lunch after lunch sightseeing at nand parayaj and dinner over night stay at Nandprayag.

Green Nandakini River, creating from a glacier near Nanda Devi, receives the lighter coloured Alaknanda at Nandprayag with the confluence noticeable by a brightly colourful, triangular concrete block. Steps lead down to the banks of both rivers. Fable has it that this prayag was previous recognized as Kanvasu, later than Maharishi Kanva who had his ashram here. It was only after King Nand maked a Maha Yagna here that it took on the name of Nandprayag. Nandprayag is unique in that there is no temple on its ghats. Earlier period, a temple dedicated to Nanda Devi got washed away along with its priest in a flash flood. However, the close to shrines of Gangeshwar Mahadev, Chandika Devi and Gopalji are worth a visit.

Day 06 Nandprayag – Vishnuprayag – Joshimath (40Kms / 3 Hrs)

Morning after breakfast drive to Joshimath lunch at Bishnuprayag sightseeing and drive to Joshimath chick in to hotel Dinner over night stay at Joshimath.

Formed by the meeting of the impetuous Vishnu Ganga (recognized, after this point, as the Alaknanda) and the Dhauliganga rivers, Vishnu Paryag, 1,372 mts. has an very old temple here by a pool known as Vishukund. It is said that the sage Narada worshipped Vishnu at this holy place, and the Lord, pleased with his austerities, had given him his blessings. Visitors are find the Kagbhusandi lake bewitching with its bright green depths giving it a still surface, while on the banks, blossoms evoke the colours of nature in all her magnificence. The lake can be move toward from either Bhundar village near Ghangaria or from Vishnu Paryag.

Day 07 Joshimath – Badrinath (44 Kms / 5 hrs)

Morning after breakfast drive to Badrinath chick in to hotel and lunch after lunch, Later at evening visit Badrinath Temple for Aarti. Over night stay at Badrinath.

Day 08 Badrinath – Mana – Joshimath (44 Kms / 4 Hrs)

Morning breakfast after having a bath in the Taptkund have the Darshan of Badrivishal. Brahamakamal is significant for Pinddan Shraddh of ancestors). There are other interesting sight seeing spot like Mana, Vyas Gufa, Maatamoorti, Charanpaduka, Bhimkund and the "Mukh" of the Saraswati River. Just within the three kms of Badrinathjee, Later drive to Joshimath. Check in Hotel. Dinner over night stay at Joshimath.

Day 09 Joshimath - Rishikesh (254 Kms / 7 Hrs)

Morning after breakfast drive to Rishikesh. Via Devprayag check in hotel at Rishikesh. Dinner and over night stay at rishikesh.

Legend has it that arms of shiva appeared in Tungnath after he took the form of a bull.according to Skanda purana shiva tells parvati that whoever has Darshan and seeks the blessings of Tungnath attains sadgati or spiritual salvation regardless of the place of his death.

Day 10 Rishikesh – Delhi 250Kms / 6 Hrs)

Morning after breakfasts drive to Delhi, Lunch en route and continue drive to Delhi tour End

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The above tour costs are inclusive of:-
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